What's Included in Lifestyle Modification Counseling?

Not all health conditions can be treated using medication and surgery. Sometimes simple changes to your lifestyle improve your wellbeing and prevent future diseases. It sounds simple, yet overwhelming. When and how to begin are important questions best addressed with your provider.

At Physicians for Women — Melius, Schurr & Cardwell in Madison, Wisconsin, our team of OB-GYN specialists can help provide you with a full range of women’s health and primary health care services, including lifestyle modification counseling utilizing our two Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners, Lainy Rosenberg, MSN, FNP-C and Angela Lothe, MSN, FNP-C

What’s included in lifestyle modification?

The phrase “lifestyle modification” sounds overwhelming, but the process can actually be quite simple. Lainy or Angela aren’t fitness coaches, they’re medical professionals who provide advice and help you set healthy, achievable goals after a careful review of your health history and clinical examination. Although you are responsible for your own success, having a compassionate professional by your side for help and assistance provides safety and support.

Your individualized counseling plan may include:  

Lifestyle modifications can also help you find small, enjoyable ways to make these changes, so you won’t get overwhelmed and give up. Cities aren’t built overnight, and setting lofty goals just prepares you for failure. Instead, our approach focuses on breaking bad habits and replacing them with healthy ones. 

The benefits of lifestyle modification counseling

Your lifestyle affects almost every aspect of your health, including mental and emotional well-being. It’s important that your diet and exercise routine provides you with proper nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. 

Lifestyle modifications work to remedy obesity, depression, or any chronic health condition. Many issues can be improved with a diet and exercise plan that fits your needs. With a healthy lifestyle, you can expect: 

If you’re planning to get pregnant at some point, these changes can also help improve your overall health in preparation for pregnancy. Your body will be stronger, and you’ll be instilling good habits that can last through the months of pregnancy and years of parenthood ahead. 

Lifestyle modification doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym and restricting calories. It can be something as simple as drinking more water, tackling bad habits, focusing on an activity that makes you happy, and making small changes to your diet. Don’t let the challenge intimidate you; it doesn’t have to be hard, and every effort counts. 

If you’re not sure how to begin improving your lifestyle, a counselor can help put you on the right track. To learn more and receive a comprehensive evaluation, call 608-218-4825 to make an appointment with one of our Phases Primary Care Providers.

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