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Gentle C-section

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About 1 in 3 deliveries happen via cesarean birth, or a C-section, in the United States. Even though a C-section is a surgery, it doesn’t have to feel like an impersonal operation. At Physicians for Women, in Madison, Wisconsin, the experienced obstetrics team collaborates with The Madison Midwives to provide gentle C-sections with more focus on your well-being and family connection during the procedure. In fact, our team was the first to bring gentle C-sections to Madison! To learn more about gentle C-sections and plan one for your delivery, call the clinic, or request an appointment online today.

Gentle C-section Q & A

What is a gentle C-section?

Gentle C-sections are like typical C-section surgeries but with more focus on the birthing process and the experience for the family. A C-section is the surgical process of removing your baby from the womb through an incision in your lower abdomen instead of having a vaginal birth. While expert obstetricians perform traditional C-sections safely and effectively, there is often more emphasis on the surgical process than there is on comfort and family bonding.

At Physicians for Women, the obstetricians collaborate with The Madison Midwives to provide gentle C-sections for new mothers who want a memorable and valuable experience. The surgical process is still the same, but many environmental factors are more controlled. The procedure is designed to help you feel at ease and ready to welcome your new baby to the family.


What makes a gentle C-section different from a traditional C-section?

There are several specific adjustments associated with a gentle C-section that a traditional C-section doesn’t include. A gentle C-section at Physicians for Women is unique because it includes:

  • Low, ambient lighting
  • An IV in your non-dominant arm
  • No tools for measurements on your fingers or hands
  • A camera over the table
  • A monitor for you to watch the birth
  • “Skin to skin” with your newborn immediately after delivery

These small environmental changes can make the experience of a C-section birth feel more intimate. Because your hands and your dominant arm are free of equipment, you can hold your baby in your arms and bond with them right away. 


How should I prepare for my gentle C-section?

When discussing your birth plan with the team at Physicians for Women, you need to tell them if you’re interested in having a gentle C-section. C-sections aren’t typically something you know you’re going to have from the start of your pregnancy onward, but you should be prepared if your birth plan has to change and a C-section is necessary.

In preparation for your C-section, the team may encourage you to:

  • Ask any questions you have about the process
  • Request or bring a music selection
  • Choose the family members who will be in the room for your birth
  • Discuss any concerns you have for peace of mind

For a gentle C-section, Physicians for Women wants to place the focus on you and your family. Be sure to tell them any specific preferences you have for your birth throughout your prenatal care. 

If you’d like to learn more about gentle C-sections and request one for your delivery, call Physicians for Women or schedule a consultation online today.