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Instructor: Christine Kern Steffen RN, MSN, CNM

*We are not currently offering any YogaMoms classes. Please check back to look at availability.*

Christine Kern Steffen RN, MSN, CNM  is a Certified Nurse Midwife and has been certified to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga by Colette Crawford at the Seattle Holistic Center.  Ms. Crawford is the acknowledged world leader in prenatal yoga.  Christine is the only Seattle Holistic Center certified instructor in Wisconsin and 1 of fewer than 200 worldwide.  Christine has been teaching prenatal and postnatal classes in the Madison area since 2003.  

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YogaMoms Class Options:

Prenatal Yoga: Experience physical and mental well-being during your pregnancy.  Strengthen parts of your body essential to an easier pregnancy and delivery.  Alleviate aches and pains associated with pregnancy.  No yoga experience is necessary!

Mondays 5:30 – 7 p.m. in the main lobby of the clinic

Please eat a light snack at least one hour before class to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Herbal tea and filtered water are also available for you in the clinic. 

Postnatal Yoga:  Babies of all ages are welcome and encouraged to accompany moms.  Postnatal yoga is a way to restrengthen the areas of the body that change during pregnancy and birth.  It is also a community of women to connect with and share ideas of new motherhood.

Fridays 1-2:30 p.m. in the main lobby of the clinic.





We start each class with “circle time,” where students introduce themselves, say how far along they are, and discuss any aches and pains they would like to address in class. Pregnancy and postpartum periods carry enormous physical and emotional changes; this bonding time creates a springboard for long-lasting friendships among students.

Physical Comfort:

Christine is a trained yoga instructor and educated midwife who has created a yoga practice that caters to the anatomical, hormonal, and muscular changes that occur normally in the pregnant body by creating sequences that lessen discomfort, so students feel better after each class. Classes also prepare the mother both physically (specifically with a focus on proper pelvic alignment) and mentally for birth whether that be medicated, natural, or cesarean.

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Sign-Up/Class Pricing

No Sign Up Necessary – Just Come Join Us

Single Class – $18

5 Class Pass – $82.50

10 Class Pass – $150

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