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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (sometimes referenced as TOLAC or Trial Of Labor After Cesarean) is offered by both the board-certified obstetrician/gynecologists in Physicians for Women in Madison, Wisconsin, and the certified nurse midwives with The Madison Midwives who work collaboratively with the OBs in the group. Patients with a history of a prior cesarean section are fully counseled during their pregnancy care visits on the pros and cons and their individual risk of a planned VBAC. Our success rate is higher than the community average and we make a big effort to make our patients feel informed, safe, and supported on their big day! For the expert care that you and your baby deserve, call the office today or book a consultation online to discuss VBAC.


What is VBAC?

Vaginal birth after cesarean section is commonly called VBAC; a delivery option for women who've had a cesarean delivery and would like to experience a vaginal birth. 

An estimated 60-80% of women who’ve given birth via C-section later go on to have a safe and healthy vaginal delivery. Most women who’ve had both vaginal and cesarean births prefer a vaginal birth, due to a shorter recovery time.

At Physicians for Women, the team of obstetricians and certified nurse midwives work collaboratively to empower you with the option to have a VBAC if it’s medically appropriate.


Am I a candidate for VBAC?

At Physicians for Women, we make sure a VBAC (or vaginal birth after cesarean) is a safe, healthy option for you and your baby.  

We’ll review your individual history, including information about your past pregnancy and delivery, and assess your potential for a successful vaginal birth this time.


Are there reasons not to opt for VBAC?

Certain conditions or history may make VBAC ill-advised and place you at risk for uterine dehiscence or scar separation. Examples include a prior classical cesarean section incision or a history of multiple cesarean sections. It’s also important to know that vaginal birth, although natural and the goal for most women, isn’t completely without risk, including perineal or vaginal lacerations, and sometimes bladder dysfunction and vaginal or pelvic pain with intercourse postpartum and beyond.


What are the advantages of VBAC?

VBAC can provide a shorter recovery time after birth and fewer health risks and complications compared to a Caesarean section. However, a VBAC isn’t completely without risk, including the possibility of infection, blood loss, and other complications. 

If you've had a Cesarean delivery and you're curious about your options for VBAC, call Physicians for Women today or book your consultation online.