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4D Ultrasound


4D Ultrasound

We were one of the first clinics to introduce 4D Ultrasound to the Madison area.  We can capture both 3D still photos of the baby and 4-D Ultrasound, the newest ultrasound technology providing more detailed images than ever before. The 4-D Ultrasound machine takes images from different angles continuously that produce live motion video with real-time movements.  The Ultrasound will reveal more detailed images of the fetus, such as facial features. It can also capture movements made by the baby during the procedure. Expectant parents will get a more detailed view of their new family than ever before.




"I hesitated to see a lactation consultant for a while, but I now regret not going sooner. After four months of struggling with breastfeeding, just one meeting with Allison helped redirect the issues I was having. After seeing Allison and trying her suggestions, I am confident that my child is getting the nutrition they need! Now I fully enjoy feeding my baby and am out of the dark cloud of uncertainty and stress. I only wish I'd seen her sooner!”



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