What's Included in Care from a Midwife?

What's Included in Care from a Midwife?

From the earliest days of the first trimester to the postpartum period after a baby is born, proper care for mother and child are paramount. Access to a midwifery group who works closely with board-certified Obstetricians provides extra protection and counsel for you and your baby.

At Physicians for Women in Madison, Wisconsin, our team of Obstetricians assist certified nurse midwives in The Madison Midwives to provide careful, safe care.

Midwifery: the basics

Midwives have been involved in helping women deliver for centuries. With the discovery that careful prenatal care helps safeguard women and their babies, midwifery has grown to become more than simply a caring person to support and aid you in labor. This care, like an Obstetrician extends even through the postpartum process, and assists you in learning how to care for the newborn and breastfeed your newborn.

The Madison Midwives approach to pregnancy and childbirth allows for a caring method of care and still follows the guidelines of sound Obstetric care to help you deliver safely. 

What care from a midwife includes

Care from our midwives can include any or all of the following: 

Complete prenatal pregnancy, labor, postpartum care and breastfeeding assistance

You can complete your entire pregnancy from planning stages to postpartuml care under the guidance and care of our qualified midwives. We’ll help you learn which prenatal vitamins to take and how to do Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor for delivery. Discuss routine labs, ultrasound visits and consultations with our Obstetricians if warranted.

Water births 

Our midwives perform water births at UnityPoint Health-Meriter birthing suites for properly selected low-risk patients.

Trial of Labor After Cesarean (TOLAC)

Our team supports a TOLAC in properly selected patients with The Madison Midwives and partnered by the consultation, support and active involvement of our Obstetricians to ensure your safety and of your baby.

General health services

The midwives in The Madison Midwives can also complete preventative annual gynecological exams, help you with your family planning needs (including IUDs), and treat sexually tramsitted infections (STIs). We can also help you with postpartum care and menopause support.

You can access the following additional support by reviewing the documentation our team of midwives has made available to you:

Think a midwife is the right choice for you? Get in touch with the Madison Midwives team at Physicians for Women by calling 608-218-4835, or book an appointment online.

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