What is a Gentle C-Section?

What is a Gentle C-Section?

Slightly over a million women in the US have a C-section every year. Some of these are planned (elective), while others are necessitated by a preexisting condition (such as placenta previa), or are an emergency procedure during delivery, meaning that the safety of mother and baby are supported by switching from a vaginal delivery to a C-section.

At both Physicians for Women and The Madison Midwives in Madison, Wisconsin, our team of compassionate board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologists and Certified Nurse Midwives believe in supporting you whatever your birth plan, and also planning for any eventualities. If you need or want a C-section, we offer a gentler option to help you experience more of the birthing process. This gentle C-section is becoming a favorite among women who need or wish to deliver in this way.

What is a “gentle C-section”?

A traditional C-section is normally conducted in a room that isn’t like a traditional birthing room. While vaginal deliveries are usually completed in warm, cozy surroundings with a team of the mom’s choosing, a C-section is a major surgical procedure, meaning it takes place in a surgical suite.

A drape is usually placed across the belly, blocking the mom’s view, and the baby is removed quickly and whisked away for tests and evaluations. This can make the delivering mom feel removed and disconnected from the process.

We believe there’s a better way to perform C-sections, to give moms and babies the birthing experience they deserve. That’s why our skilled obstetricians and our midwife team work together to offer a gentle C-section experience

“Gentle” refers to the entire C-section experience being reclaimed from the sterile procedure it has become, and helping moms-to-be have a birthing story that closely aligns with their ideal birth plan.

What to expect from a gentle C-section

Your birthing room will still be a surgery suite, but we’ll work to make the ambiance as welcoming and relaxing as possible. You’ll be able to have the people you want with you to help you through your birth, all of whom are focused on your needs alone. 

We’ll make sure your IV goes into your non-dominant arm for minimal discomfort after your birth. We’ll also keep your hands free without monitors or apparatus in the way. You’ll be able to watch your baby being born with a camera and monitor keeping you in tune with the process.

You’ll get skin-to-skin contact with your baby as soon as possible after birth, so the bonding process can begin, and our lactation team will be ready to support you. The entire process should be as calm and relaxed as possible, and we’ll ensure your incision is closed and you’re able to enjoy time with your new baby and your family.

We believe you should be in control of your birthing process. If a gentle C-section sounds like the right birth plan for you, call our office at 608-218-4835 today, or schedule a consultation using our online booking system.  

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