Now's a Great Time to Be a YogaMom

Yoga is popular among people of all ages and backgrounds, but it can be especially soothing for mothers. However, many classes don’t make accommodations for new or expecting mothers. YogaMoms provides an environment specifically tailored to pre- and postnatal women, where they can enjoy gentle exercise, relaxation, and the company of fellow mothers. 

At Physicians for Women — Melius, Schurr & Cardwell in Madison, Wisconsin, our YogaMoms classes are extremely popular, whether you’re getting ready for the childbirth experience or working on regaining tone after giving birth.

A place for every mother

While many yoga classes try to be open and accepting of pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, it’s easy to feel isolated and self-conscious when you’re the only mother in the room. Certain yoga poses can also be too strenuous or difficult for pregnant women, which makes it difficult to keep up with the class. 

This doesn’t mean you should put your yoga classes on pause. Yoga has a number of unique benefits that can help you prepare for childbirth and recover from your delivery. This is why YogaMoms provides separate groups for both prenatal and postpartum mothers.

Yoga for prenatal mothers

The farther along you get, the more difficult it is to hold certain yoga poses. That’s why prenatal yoga is tailored to accommodate you. 

Pregnancy takes a hard toll on your body, and it’s important that you stretch out your sore muscles and maintain a gentle exercise routine. Prenatal yoga aims to relieve stress, alleviate aches and pains, and strengthen the muscles that you’ll be using during childbirth. 

There are many benefits to joining a prenatal yoga class, including: 

Yoga for postpartum mothers

It’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed after delivery; not only are you dealing with extreme changes to your body, but you’re caring for a newborn at the same time. 

Recovering from childbirth can take time, but yoga can help speed things up. We know it’s difficult to find trustworthy, reliable childcare, and many new mothers don’t want to leave their babies behind to attend classes, which is why YogaMoms is baby-friendly. That means your little one(s) can come with you.

Postpartum yoga is slightly different from prenatal yoga, and aims to soothe your body and mind. Benefits of postnatal yoga include:

What to expect from your YogaMoms class

When you join a YogaMoms class, you’re getting more than gentle exercise and meditation — you’re joining a circle of women who understand what you’re going through. YogaMoms is a great way to connect with other new and expecting mothers, share tips, and receive support. 

At the beginning of every YogaMoms class, everyone introduces themselves and shares what they’re feeling. This gives you a chance to discuss the changes in your life and forge long-lasting friendships. 

Every pose and exercise is modified to accommodate you, so you don’t have to worry about being left out. This creates an accepting environment where you can relax and focus on your needs. 

Interested in becoming a YogaMom? Call 608-218-4835, or book an appointment online to learn more. 

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