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What My Spouse Needs to Know About the Bradley Method®

What My Spouse Needs to Know About the Bradley Method®

When you’re newly pregnant, you're probably making a million plans for how to deal with the experience of childbirth. If you and your husband have a strong bond and want to try doing natural childbirth as a team, you might be interested in knowing that “husband-coached childbirth” is actually a thing.

At both Physicians for Women and The Madison Midwives in Madison, Wisconsin, our team of compassionate board-certified obstetrician/gynecologists and certified nurse midwives are committed to helping you have a natural, healthy birth. This includes supporting your birth plan, and keeping husband and wife together during the entire birthing process. 

Why is having a birth plan so important?

The American Pregnancy Association strongly recommends that prospective parents have a detailed discussion with their birthing center or hospital’s labor and delivery department about routine procedures in place for birthing moms.

This conversation needs to happen well before your due date, especially if you have a specific birthing plan. You’ll want your preferences on file, whether that’s a water birth, a planned vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC), or a husband-directed childbirth using the Bradley Method. 

When you’re a patient of Physicians for Women, you may give birth at Meriter-UnityPoint Health Hospital. They have an easy template to either print or download to help you lay out your own birthing preferences. 

What is the Bradley Method®?

The Bradley Method is based on a process described by Dr. Robert Bradley in his book “Husband-Coached Childbirth.” It’s geared around achieving a natural, holistic childbirth without pain medication or other drugs. 

The mother-to-be is supported fully by her husband and coach throughout all stages of pregnancy, becoming as healthy and fit as possible with safe exercise and the right nutrition to prepare the body for labor.

Both husband and wife also attend multiple classes to learn how to relax and breathe through the process of birth itself. The husband is expected to learn everything the wife does, so he can be an effective and supportive coach and partner. 

During the birth, the wife can focus on her husband as he leads her through the meditative breathing patterns and other relaxation techniques they learned together. The ultimate goal is a safe, healthy birth with minimal discomfort 

What spouses need to know

The main thing a couple thinking about the Bradley Method needs to know is that this is an all-in approach that requires commitment on the part of the husband. He’ll need to show up to all classes and practice coaching his wife until she feels confident, as well as be there when the baby is born. 

We believe couples should be partners in bringing new life into the world. Call our office at 608-218-4835 today, or schedule a consultation using our online booking system. We can help you decide if the Bradley Method is right for you!

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