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How a Gentle C-Section Is Different from Traditional Surgery

How a Gentle C-Section Is Different from Traditional Surgery

The Cesarean section, or C-section, has been practiced for centuries across different cultures. Over the years, techniques have been refined; the vertical slice down the lower abdomen has been replaced by a low horizontal incision, and scarring is much reduced thanks to superlative closing techniques. However, a C-section is still a major surgery, and many women seek ways to minimize the impact on their lives, both at the point of delivery and afterward. 

At both Physicians for Women and The Madison Midwives in Madison, Wisconsin, our team of compassionate board-certified obstetrician/gynecologists and certified nurse midwives support all birth plans to deliver babies safely and with a positive result for both mom and baby. Our gentle C-section is a great option for women who wish or need to deliver by the Cesarean method.

Why might a woman need a C-section?

Some women require a C-section to save their own life, the life of their child, or both. This can become needed in cases of preeclampsia, placenta previa, or incompetent cervix, or any time a baby is under extreme stress and the need for an immediate delivery is urgent.

Other women opt for a planned C-section (elective) for various reasons, including scheduling, fear of vaginal birth, previous C-sections, or a medical condition that might make vaginal delivery unsafe.  

It’s estimated that somewhere in the neighborhood of a million women in the US have a C-section every year. 

Gentle C-section vs. traditional surgery

Traditional C-section surgeries are performed in a surgical suite. This means a cold, sterile, monochrome environment that is anything but warm and welcoming. Most people aren’t allowed in the surgical suite (usually only a partner permitted), leaving the support team to wait outside.

You're separated from the birth by a drape that hides the surgical team and the actual birth from view. This can make you feel extremely disconnected from the birthing process, like the delivery is something being done to you instead of something you’re an active participant in. 

After birth by traditional C-section, your baby usually is immediately taken away for extensive tests. You lose that important bonding time and skin-to-skin, which can cause a negative emotional impact just when you’re supposed to be full of joy.

In contrast, a gentle C-section takes place in a special surgery suite that’s been outfitted to feel more like a birthing room provided for women having vaginal deliveries. Your entire team is welcome in such a suite, and we work hard to make sure the ambiance fits your birth plan as much as possible.

 The technical fades into the background instead of being the focus. Instead, you’re the focal point of the room. We keep all of the medical equipment well out of the way, and have a camera and monitor set up so you can watch your baby being born. 

 Skin-to-skin as soon as possible after birth is our goal, and you can hold your baby close as we gently close your incision. Our lactation team is standing by to offer support, and youl have plenty of time to bond with your baby and enjoy the afterglow of birth before we ask for a few minutes to do required tests for your baby’s safety. 

 Gentle C-sections put moms back in control of their birthing experience. To learn more, call our office at 608-218-4835 today, or schedule a consultation using our online booking system.  

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