Here are some COVID-19 Clinic Updates

As we face the COVID-19 challenge together, we at Physicians for Women, along with Phases and The Madison Midwives want you to know our first concern is to keep you safe. We are following CDC guidelines as well as state and local public health recommendations. Our clinic is open, but modifications are in place and some non-essential appointments will be rescheduled.

If you are ill with cough or fever, we ask you contact our office (608) 227-7007 and reschedule your appointment. 

Patient Schedules:

We are not closing our clinic. We will be rescheduling some non-essential appointments for vulnerable patients. Other patients may keep their appointments. We are still accepting new patients.

Screening Patients:

COVID-19 experts all agree ill and potentially infectious people should avoid clinic settings where they could pose a risk to other vulnerable patients and staff. We have put a stop sign reminder on our front door to make sure ill people do not enter spaces occupied by our other patients.

If you are ill with fever, cough, sore throat or body aches, please call us for instructions. 608-227-7007. We cannot test you for the COVID-19 virus in our clinic.

Questions about testing for COVID-19 are now uniformly handled by contacting your insurance or it's website and utilizing COVID-19 Hotlines and TeleHealth services to screen and direct at risk patients to a designated test site. We will keep you up to date when this screen/testing protocol simplifies.

If you are concerned you may have the COVID-19 Coronavirus, here are some hotlines to help you streamline answers and testing policies.

Guests of our patients:

We discourage all non-critical people from accompanying patients to appointments. We ask you to come alone if you can. If you cannot come alone, you may bring one symptom free support person over the age of 16.  


We will suspend scheduling Reveal Ultrasounds for the time being. We are working with Stephanie to make her work space as safe as possible. That may mean shorter, more concise scans. The goal is to shorten the time spent scanning as much as possible while we obtain necessary images.

Waiting Rooms:

Toys and magazines etc. have been removed from the waiting areas. Our patients will be roomed and do most of their waiting in exam rooms

Exam Rooms

Please wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer in our rooms. Our providers will do our best to work quickly and efficiently to reduce face-to-face time exposure. 

What about our staff?

The health and well being of our staff is critical to our clinic. We function as a well organized family and care deeply about eachother and our families. We are conducting daily huddles to discuss new information about how we can keep eachother and our patient's safe. We all understand the important role we play in this pandemic. We are staying home after hours, limiting outside contact with others, increassing vigilance and keeping our homes and the workplace as sanitary as possible.

Our doctors and midwives are adding efficiencies to in-hospital and clinical care. Besides social distancing, handwashing, etc., hospital meetings have been cancelled or converted to tele-platforms.

We keep you safe by first keeping ourselves safe!

Thank you for your understanding!

Helping slow the peak incidence of COVID-19 is everyone’s responsibility. Even if you’re in a low risk group, you need to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to vulnerable people. We encourage everyone to be mindful of co-workers, our patients, our staff and the community. 

We will get through this safely.


Frederic A. Melius, MD, FACOG Founding Partner, Melius, Schurr & Cardwell Physicians for Women

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