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3 Steps to Take Right After Finding Out You're Pregnant

3 Steps to Take Right After Finding Out You're Pregnant

A positive pregnancy test can be world-shaking. You may not know where to start getting the care you and your potential child need to stay healthy and safe, but early pregnancy care can be critical for positive outcomes. Unfortunately, fewer than 80% of women receive prenatal care in their first trimester.

At Physicians for Women in Madison, Wisconsin, our team of women’s health specialists, including gynecologists, board-certified obstetricians, and certified nurse midwives, helps navigate each trimester of your pregnancy and manage your prenatal care.

Steps to take after confirmation 

The first trimester gives you plenty of time to begin preparing your body for pregnancy and childbirth. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are three steps to take after finding out you’re pregnant. 

1. Calculate your due date and book your first appointment

It’s impossible to determine exactly when your baby will enter the world, but you can get a vague idea using a due date calculator. Mark down the month they’re expected to arrive, and try to create a rough trimester timeline around that. From there, you can begin making plans and scheduling appointments. It’s really never too early in your pregnancy to get that first visit in.

2. Start taking prenatal vitamins

Carrying a child is hard on the human body, and you'll have to replenish vitamins and minerals that are being diverted. You’re best off starting on prenatal vitamins as soon as your doctor recommends them, both to preserve your health and provide your growing baby with everything they need. 

3. Improve your lifestyle

Chances are, your lifestyle includes something that isn’t healthy for unborn children, whether it’s cigarettes, alcohol, or even sushi. Do your research to determine which of your favorite foods are safe during pregnancy. Don’t stop going to the gym or pool just yet, but discuss your normal activities with us so we can help you stay fit and healthy. 

Finding the right OB/GYN

This is arguably the most important step you can take. Your OB/GYN(s) will be an important point of contact throughout your pregnancy, and you’ll be meeting with them regularly, so it’s important to find a doctor or team that you feel comfortable with. 

You should be able to discuss details with your pregnancy care provider, no matter how concerning or embarrassing. At Physicians for Women, our clinic is staffed with an entire team of certified physicians, midwives, and a knowledgeable nurse practitioner. We promise, we’ve seen and heard it all. 

If you’re newly pregnant, we can help you coordinate and navigate your appointments, including ultrasounds. To learn more and begin preparing for your pregnancy, schedule a consultation by calling 608-227-7007, or book an appointment online

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