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Physicians for Women of Madison, WI, specialize in obstetrics and gynecology (ob/gyn) and all areas of women's health, including examination, diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

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Now accepting Unity/Quartz as of 9/1/17

All of our Clinicians are Welcoming New Patients

We are thrilled to now be accepting Unity/Quartz insurance!  This is the birth of a new era for our clinic and we are proud to offer access to this new patient population!  We know that the new year can mean new insurance plans for patients and it can be stressful finding a new primary care physician.  We have openings with all of our providers and all of their practices are welcoming new patients.  Our focus is on caring for women and you receive the same personalized, relationship based superior healthcare with any of our providers.  We are committed to providing women with options that fit their goals for healthcare and have services in Internal Medicine, OB/GYN and Midwifery.  Our clinicians in any of these areas can provide general healthcare and can be selected as a primary care provider with your insurance plan.  Read more about each of them on their individual page links above and call 608-227-7007 to schedule a meet and greet with any of our clinicians today.




Each woman has a different story and we work closely with our patients to understand their needs and their health so that we can give personalized, exceptional care to each of our patients.

From Our Patients:

  • I just want to say THANK YOU for adding the FemiLift to your practice!  I am so thankful to have been one of the first to experience this simple procedure for such commonly expressed concerns!  I am SUPER excited for you and can't wait to "talk" all about it to everyone I know!!!           -Trish
  • You will appreciate the close attention and exceptional care you are provided at this clinic and the physicians and staff celebrate your little miracles as if they were their own family!  -Trisha
  • This group of amazing doctors helped me through 2 awful pregnancies (5 months bed rest with my daughter and 3 with my son) I was a wreck after 6 miscarriages. They were wonderful!  -Kim

Reveal 4D Ultrasounds

Reveal ultrasounds are not covered by your insurance plan; payment is due upon check-in for exam. Sorry, we are unable to offer refunds.

Photo Options for OB Patients

Gender Check - $50

  • Offered between 17-19 weeks
  • Is it a boy? Is it a girl? I want to know ASAP!
  • 15 minute scan to identify your baby's gender
  • Three picture minimum. Added to USB card [included]

Photo Album Pictures - $100

  • Offered between 24-34 weeks
  • Incredible pictures of your baby!
  • 15 minute scan, 30 minute appointment
  • Five picture minimum will be added to USB card [bring to appointment]

Latest News

As a New Year begins we are announcing the addition of a new service in women's healthcare, the FemiLift CO2 laser.

When doctors Melius, Schurr and Cardwell started this practice over 15 years ago their goal was to have a practice providing very personalized care for women in a setting that was comfortable and convenient. Over the years we have continued to add different services that support the full range of services needed for optimum health.

After listening to feedback from patients and staff we have made the decision to be the first clinicians in the area to offer this type of service. View the commercial and read more about Femilift


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