Health Education


Health Education

Providing educational information is one of the ways we help you achieve overall health and wellness. The following is a list of very useful, reliable websites. A variety of sites have been included which addresses women’s health needs across the lifespan, as well as other general health information.

See our links provided to you below.

General Health Information

Women’s Health

Breast Cancer Information

Cholesterol Information

Heart Health

Diabetes Information




"I just want to thank Dr Melius for testing my thyroid then sending me to Dr Kraemer. Without them my thyroid cancer may have gone undetected for a while. I know that thyroid cancer rarely spreads to other parts of the body. I also know that early detection of any kind of cancer is the key to curing it. The surgeon who will be removing my thyroid said this was a great catch. Thank You both and the rest of the staff in your clinic.”