The Benefits of 4D Ultrasounds

The Benefits of 4D Ultrasounds

Ultrasound photos are often the first thing you add to your scrapbook, and the technology for creating them has only gotten better. Where your parents might just have had a little black-and-white photo on the fridge, you can adorn yours with a 4D ultrasound’s highly detailed portrait of your unborn baby. 

At Physicians for Women in Madison, Wisconsin, The Madison Midwives and our board-certified obstetricians are committed to making your pregnancy experience everything it can be. This includes giving you access to amazing 4D ultrasounds of your child in utero. 

How 4D ultrasounds work

A 4D ultrasound isn’t much different from a traditional ultrasound. We send sound waves through the womb, and the ultrasound machine reads the waves that bounce back. The advantage of a 3D/4D ultrasound machine is that it takes images from multiple angles. When combined, these images can create a detailed, moving picture. 

Benefits of 4D ultrasound

The obvious appeal of an ultrasound lies in seeing your baby before they’re born. During a 4D ultrasound, you can catch a glimpse of your baby’s facial features and watch them move in real-time, a thrilling experience for any excited parent. 

However, the benefits of receiving a comprehensive ultrasound don’t end there. The visuals produced by 4D ultrasounds are much cleaner, which means they can be used to diagnose birth defects.

Cleft lips and palates are small defects that often go unnoticed in 2D ultrasounds, but they’re easily noticeable using 3D/4D imaging. This gives doctors a chance to explain the condition to parents and prepare them for any complications. If your baby has a birth defect that’s visible in 4D, we can help connect you with a neonatologist who can create a treatment plan for your little one and help you through the process.

What to expect

Your 4D appointment won’t be much different from a typical ultrasound. We give you a place to lie down, apply gel to your belly, and pass a handheld probe over your skin, pressing gently for the best picture quality. You and your loved ones can watch as your baby’s face comes into view, and you can even ask for snapshots and video footage as a keepsake. 

As with a normal ultrasound, you should arrive prepared for the procedure. Drink a few glasses of water beforehand, and don’t urinate before your appointment. A full bladder will help the technician get a clearer image of the baby during the ultrasound. 

To learn more about 4D ultrasounds and schedule your own, get in touch with the team at Physicians for Women. Call us at 608-218-4825, or book an appointment online.

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