5 Benefits of Breastfeeding

5 Benefits of Breastfeeding

There’s a lot of judgment and misinformation surrounding baby formula and bottle-feeding, but there are also benefits unique to breastfeeding. Whether you’re planning to breastfeed or weighing your options, an expert can help you navigate the process and discuss concerns and benefits associated with breastfeeding. 

At Physicians for Women in Madison, Wisconsin, The Madison Midwives and our board-certified obstetricians are committed to making your parenting process the wonderful experience it’s meant to be, so we provide all the information you need on how to keep your child fed, including lactation support.

Benefits of breastfeeding 

While some staunch advocates might point to breastfeeding as the only “proper” way to feed your baby, it’s a personal decision that depends on your lifestyle and body. However, breast milk and the comfort of nursing is good for infants and can provide benefits for you as well.

1. Nutrition 

Every lactating species produces a different type of milk tailored to their young, and humans are no different. Breast milk usually contains all the necessary nutrients a baby will need for the first few months of life, and will change in its formulation as the baby grows. 

2. Immunity 

A mother’s breast milk contains vital antibodies that are passed down to the nursing child. These antibodies help build their developing immune system, preventing long- and short-term illnesses like ear infections, stomach bugs, and even asthma. 

3. Bonding 

Breastfeeding provides an opportunity for you to bond with your baby, and nursing can be calming for both mother and infant. Having a quiet, safe place to nurse your baby is important to the process, which is why our office provides a space for breastfeeding mothers via appointment. 

4. Accessibility 

Baby formula can be expensive, scarce, and a hassle to prepare, whereas your body should produce breast milk naturally. If you’re having trouble producing milk, getting your baby to latch, or adjusting to the breastfeeding process, our team can help. 

5. Mother’s health

Bonding and stress relief aren’t the only benefits you get to look forward to. Breastfeeding can also help shed baby weight, reduce bleeding after birth, and prolong the return of your periods. 

Overcoming obstacles 

It would be disingenuous not to mention the downsides and obstacles that come with breastfeeding. Many first-time mothers find themselves overwhelmed by how difficult and unpleasant breastfeeding can be sometimes, despite being beneficial for both parties. 

This is why it’s important to have someone who can address your concerns and make the experience as natural and enjoyable as possible. Our team of midwives has experience with breastfeeding and the concerns that come with it, including: 

If you can’t or choose not to breastfeed, there’s no judgment. We provide you with the support you need to ensure your baby is well fed, and that you and they both maintain good physical, emotional, and mental health.

Want to learn more about breastfeeding, or having trouble getting into the swing of it? Schedule a breastfeeding appointment or consultation by calling 608-218-4825, or book your visit online

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