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Each woman has a different story and we work closely with our patients to understand their needs and their health so that we can give personalized, exceptional care to each of our patients.


  • I just want to say THANK YOU for adding the FemiLift to your practice!  I am so thankful to have been one of the first to experience this simple procedure for such commonly expressed concerns!  I am SUPER excited for you and can't wait to "talk" all about it to everyone I know!!!              -Trish
  • Thank you for working with our schedules so we could get the proper care at the right time.                   -Christy
  • You will appreciate the close attention and exceptional care you are provided at this clinic and the physicians and staff celebrate your little miracles as if they were their own family!        -Trisha
  • This group of amazing doctors helped me through 2 awful pregnancies (5 months bed rest with my daughter and 3 with my son) I was a wreck after 6 miscarriages. They were wonderful!  -Kim
  • After my baby was born I met with Dr. Cardwell and he suggested that I see a specialist because he thought I might have a rare medical condition.  He saved my life!                     -Crystal
  • This clinic is so convenient and comfortable, I don't even mind going to the doctor!  My kids loved the play area and the attention that the staff and doctors gave them at my visits.           -Riley
  • All of the staff welcome you and treat you as family. I loved getting my ultrasound and having Steph celebrate the reveal of my baby girl with as much joy as us.                                      -Claire 
  • This group is always working to take the care they provide women to the next level!                                    -Tracy

We appreciate all feedback from our patients and are thankful for your kind testimonial of the care you received with our group.

A Note From Our Group

We created this clinic so that we could give more of our time to our patients and help more women get the highest quality of care. 

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Physicans for Women is an amazing independent clinic that accepts a variety of insurance options.

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